Harm Reduction

In the last 15 years, we’ve witnessed many harm reducing technologies emerge in the field of nicotine consumption: electronic cigarettes, heat-not-burn devices, and the success of snus. While millions of smokers found a less harmful way of consuming nicotine and world-leading research institutions such as the Royal College of Physicians came to the conclusion that these technologies are up to 95% less harmful than the traditional cigarette, many national regulators, parts of the public health community, and the WHO and its FCTC keep condemning nicotine as a whole and refuse to support harm reduction.

The Consumer Choice Center supports the idea of tobacco harm reduction (THR) by allowing innovation in the marketplace and let consumers choose alternative technologies that allow a less harmful way of consuming nicotine. We promote the ideas of legalizing advertisements, marketing, and consumer choice for harm reducing innovations such as electronic cigarettes, heat not burn products, and snus.

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